kcbiermeisters Hey all, thanks again for coming out to the Oktoberfest party! It was a blast! Can't wait to see everyone for the St. Louis trip Nov. 8!
kcbiermeisters Oktoberfest party today! There will be great food, tasty beers, and general shenanigans had by all! Come on by!
kcbiermeisters @beer4bill solid meeting for sure! Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow at Oktoberfest!
kcbiermeisters RT @EyeForAnEyeBrew: @kcbiermeisters @cinderblockbrew even if you DO have something to do-ditch it and come drink some beers!
kcbiermeisters @cinderblockbrew I also forgot to give a shout out to @EyeForAnEyeBrew for winning this thing! Congrats buddy!