KCBM Offers two ways for active club members (members who are current on their KCBM club dues) to ship their beer to a competition.


OPTION 1 - Club Shipping: Drop your beer off with the Shipping Coordinator at the next KCBM meeting, Grain to Glass in the Rivermarket, or email shipping@kcbiermeisters.org, and schedule a time to meet. Each entry should be two bottles of beer, labeled according to the competition instructions. The fee for club shipping is $2 per entry. Have your club shipping fee in a marked envelop along with your entries.


OPTION 2 - Self Shipping: Carefully package your beer using high quality shipping supplies. KCBM will reimburse $2 per entry, reimbursement requests must be accompanied by a copy of the shipping receipt and a copy of the competition entry form. Email the requests along with the receipts to shipping@kcbiermeisters.org or bring them to the next meeting. We recommend shipping UPS and printing your shipping label at home for the best rate. Most UPS stores and authorized shippers accept pre-paid packages for shipping and some offices have a regularly scheduled UPS pick up time.